Notch 8 – Dice Game Old Fashioned

4-4-5 Dice Game Old Fashioned Cocktail by Notch 8

4-4-5 Old Fashioned

The second version of the “Dice Game” old Fashioned was a 4-4-5; Dewar’s, Masala Chai and Clingstone peach. I previously didn’t know that Dewar’s is actually a Whiskey and Scotch blend, which made the first sip a little surprising and a little too strong for my tastes. However, I did absolutely love the Clingstone Peach bitters. It added a perfect sweet after taste to the very strong taste of a the Dewar’s, with the pairing of a different Rye this bitters would be divine. Overall I will be back to try the Notch 8 “Dice Game”, with the potential for 218 different combinations, the Old Fashioned here will never be a dull cocktail.

4-4-5 Old Fashioned        $15


Masala Chai

Clingstone Peach Bitters



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