Notch 8 – Old Fashioned Dice Game

Notch 8 Dice game box

Old Fashioned “Dice Game” box

This next spot I went to twice in one week but had an old fashioned both times. Although they shared the same name both drinks were very different. Notch 8 can be found in the lobby of The Hotel Vancouver. Catering to their more comfortable clientele, they became known for a one of a kind “Dice game”. When a guest asks about the dice game they are given a small leather box with a list of 6 liquors, 6 syrups and 6 bitters and 3 die. The dice are red, blue and white, each corresponding to a type of liquor, syrup and bitters on the list. All varieties are the same price but you never know what you are going to get. Also during happy hour if all 3 die add up to 8, you get your drink for free! (All the more reason to check it out).

The first version I tried was a 3-6-6 which means a Rittenhouse Rye, Scottish Spiced, Cascade Celery Old Fashioned. Out of the 2 versions this one was the closest to a traditional Old Fashioned. I had a hard time trying to find the other 2 flavours in the drink, it is not explained what a Scottish spice is but possibly it added to the smokey flavour. I cant recall ever trying Celery Bitters so I’m just assuming that it would taste similar to celery salt, however, I couldn’t taste any Celery flavour. I realize I am making it sound a little weak, but in reality all the flavours worked out beautifully together. If you can rig the dice to land on a 3-6-6 I would recommend this cocktail.

3-6-6 Old Fashioned               $15

Rittenhouse Rye

Scottish Spice Syrup

Cascade Celery Bitters

Garnish with an orange peel and cherry

3-6-6 old fashioned cocktail by notch 8

3-6-6  Old Fashioned


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