The Diamond (con’t) – The Phoenix

The Phoenix Cocktail by The Diamond

The Phoenix 

To avoid long rambling posts, I am splitting the last post about The Diamond into 2 different posts to talk about the 2 separate drinks. This next drink was one chosen by my boyfriend, who was more than happy to help with my “research”. He is a HUGE fan of the Old Fashioned, meaning he is strongly inclined to gravitate towards the strongest drinks on any menu, the type of drinks that instantly warm you up. And his love for that type of cocktail is what drew him to this next drink, since we had just been stuck outside in the rain on a chilly March evening.

Being a cocktail lover and new blogger I am always curious to learn about new ingredients, but very rarely am I stumped by an ingredients list. However, 50% of the (4) ingredients making up this drink were totally new to me. First the Cochhi Rosa, which I found out, is a wine aperitif. This is a type of wine served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. These wines are typically drier and less sweet than normal wines. This particular brand of aperitif is an Italian brand, with only 2 varieties; the Americano (the most popular) and the Rosa, which has a slightly pink tone to it and is bitterer than the Americano. The next mystery ingredient is Amontillado. A dry sherry wine from the Montilla region in Spain, it can also be used as an aperitif. As for the other ingredients on the list I was very familiar with the Smoky Scotch and American Whiskey.

I have not often come across a cocktail made entirely out of different types of liquor. Except for some of the classics, that only tend to have 2 -3 types of liquor. 4 sounded very intimidating to me, and the taste definitely lived up to my expectations, but I did find it very enjoyable. I would also recommend this drink but those who typically drink “lighter” types of alcohol would probably not be a huge fan of this cocktail. As for the rest of you…  be warned…it’s strong one, don’t operate heavy machinery after drinking!

The Phoenix    $13

Cocchi Rosa

Smoky Scotch


American Whiskey



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