The Diamond- The Sun Also Rises

The California Chrome Cocktail by The Diamond

The California Chrome 

After a short break I am back to take on the difficult task of sampling cocktails (all in the name of research). This next bar is one I found last week while wandering around Vancouver. It is located in the downtown area called Gastown overlooking Maple Tree square, slightly hidden upstairs only distinguishable by the large sign in the window. Known for their delicious cocktails they definitely did not disappoint.

While here I had the chance to try 2 of their homemade cocktails, the first was called the California Chrome. With a name like that you would think it to be very light and easy to drink, on the menu it is under the heading “refreshing”. Refreshing is a very appropriate word for it but not in the sense that you could slug it back in one sip. This is the perfect drink for the person that is a little bit sweet…little bit sour…and comes with a BIG kick. The California Chrome is made up of Bourbon (hence the kick), Poached Peach (sweet), Amaretto (sweet) and grapefruit (sour). I am a bourbon drinker so that caught my eye immediately, I also enjoy a grapefruit in the morning and peaches are a favourite fruit of mine, so I obviously had to try this drink. It’s almost like a late night breakfast in a cup! The variety of flavours mixed together perfectly, the amaretto, although not being a favourite liquor of mine, played a key role in blending the often over-powering flavour of the bourbon in with the rest of the drink. Definitely would recommend.

The California Chrome      $12


Poached Peach



Garnish with a Grapefruit slice


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