The Parlour – Mandrin Mule

Mandrin Mule Cocktail

Mandrin Mule Cocktail

The Parlour Cocktail barAs a fairly new resident to Vancouver, I am still trying to discover the best spots to satisfy my cocktail cravings. The Parlour was one of the first restaurant/bars I ever went to in Vancouver and I have loved it ever since – food, ambiance and most importantly DRINKS are all fantastic. So it seemed fitting to make The Parlour my first post.

If you are hitting up The Parlour to eat I recommend everything, you can never go wrong with Italian food. As for drinks wine is naturally the first that comes to mind when at an Italian restaurant. Yes, wine wonderful and almost like water to me, but when I want to switch it up, with an after dinner digestif of sorts The Parlour has no shortage of amazing cocktails, my favourite being the Mandrin Mule.

Fellas if you want to impress the ladies I wouldn’t recommend ordering this. It is delicious but not the not masculine of drinks (note the sparkling copper cup). But ladies…this is my go-to drink and a must try, very light with the perfect amount of kick. Enjoy!

Mandrin Mule: $13

Absolut Mandrin Vodka

Fentimans Ginger Beer

Fresh lime juice


Garnish with a lime wheel


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